Napali Coast Kauai

Explore The Wonders Of The Napali Coast on Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, an Island in the Hawaiin chain has rapidly become one of the most sought after holiday destinations for tourists who want to not only enjoy the legendary beauty of the islands – but also avoid the hordes of holidaymakers that descend on some of the other, more traditionally popular islands in the chain. The beauty of Kauai is that it remains largely unspoiled. allowing nature lovers to dive into turquoise waters, lounge on beaches with either black or talcum powder white volcanic sands and explore the pristine natural tropical jungles of the island, where jungle streams cascade into pools of the deepest green.

It is these natural wonders that keep the numbers of tourists visiting Kauai as high as they are – currently between 10,000 and 140,000 visitors visit this, the fourth largest of the Hawaiin islands each month – with the tourism influx peaking in the period June to August. However, those numbers are growing year on year and the reason once again is linked to the great natural beauty of the island. If there is one place that epitomizes just why the island is such a magnet for those who want to experience unspoiled Hawaii it is the Napali Coast on Kauai.

This 17-mile long coastline runs along the North Shore of the island, beginning about an hour an a half from Lihue. The stretch of coastline is viewed as sacred by the native inhabitants of Hawaii – and given the great natural beauty of the coast, it is easy to see why it would be loved by the Gods and Demi-Gods that still play such an important part in Hawaiin culture.

The cliffs that rise from the edge of the ocean are shrouded in tropical greenery and waterfalls plunge to the valley floor where they feed emerald pools that provide a backdrop to the pristine beaches and waters that run the length of the Napali Coast. The rugged and unspoiled vistas of the coast today appear much as they would have to those Hawaiians who made their homes here many generations ago. Visitors to the ravines and steep-sided cliffs can easily be transported back to a gentler time when those inhabitants lived a life defined by the rhythms of the ocean – subsisting on the fish they could catch and the produce they grew from the fertile volcanic soil.

Today exploring the Napali Coast is made easier through the presence of a variety of tour operators who offer visitors many different choices when it comes to exploring the natural wonders of the area. Excursions and tours range from raft tours (weather permitting that allow tourists to view the magnificent sea caves that are such an intrinsic part of the coastline, as well as explore the deserted beaches that appear to have been untouched by people for hundreds of years.

Access to the wonders of the coast is only possible via the ocean – or for those who want to truly appreciate the majesty of the entire 17 mile stretch of coast by enjoying it from the lofty heights provided by an air tour.

In the summer season, those who want to be closer to the ocean can take part in guided sea kayak excursions along the coast. For those who simply want to sit back, relax and absorb the majesty of the Napali coastline boat tours launch from Port Allen on the West Side of the island.

Kauai is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled of the Hawaiin islands – and it offers some of the most magnificent opportunities to simply bask in that natural beauty. Make sure you book your ticket to paradise today.

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